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Every Canadian should read this, “IT IS THE TRUTH”, and something has to be done. We have carried this burden far to long.

This Calgary Sun article tells some staggering truths and historical facts
If you were wondering why aboriginals always want an inquiry into anything
and everything they can dream up. Just think of free hotel stays, free food
and incidentals, not to mention the bar fridge that gets stocked up every day
in their rooms.
This Calgary Sun article tells some staggering truths and historical facts.
I hope you are open-minded enough to make an objective read.
I will add one interesting fact – since 1946 the Canadian Government has spent
$3,300,000,000.00 That is 3.3 TRILLION on Indian Affairs with NO RETURN
on the investment.
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Should be reading material for ALL Canadians. This article is absolutely correct.
Some very interesting statistics for each individual to consider but anyone with
a background knows this to be true already! The fact is that the bleeding hearts
and vote mongering Politicians don’t want the general public to know this,,,
so let’s spread it around!!
Judging from an article in The Calgary Sun entitled “Enough is Enough”, a National
Enquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women is NOT what needs to be done
and Harper was right in not pursuing this time wasting expensive suggestion
supported by both the NDP and Liberals.  Chief Ronald Morin of the Enoch band
west of Edmonton is paid $750,000.00 per year by the federal government (YOU).
He spends winters at his winter home in Las Vegas, 4 car garage & swimming pool.
Not all the people in his band live like kings.  Every Chief of an Indian Band in Canada
makes more than our Prime Minister.   Harper brought in the “Accountability Act” so
that these Chiefs would have to tell their band members and the rest of us where
the money was being spent. It is the taxpayers’ money and we have the right to
know where all this money is going.  One of Trudeau’s first acts as Prime Minister
was to throw out the “Accountability Act”.   If you were paying attention at all and
did your research you would understand this tragedy, the real issues and what
needs to be done to address them.
Some statistics:

*   According to the RCMP: Out of 6,420 missing persons in Canada 1,455
*   are women, of those 164 are aboriginal.
*   88% of murders of aboriginal women have been solved by police
*   89% of murders of non-aboriginal women have been solved by police
*   Between 1980 and 2012 there were 20,313 murders in Canada.
*   6,551 of those victims were women and 1,017 of those were aboriginal women.
Here’s where it gets even more interesting:

*   Almost 30% of the 1,017 aboriginal women were murdered by their husbands.
*   23% were murdered by another family member.
*   30% were murdered by an acquaintance.
*   So, only about 8% of aboriginal women were murdered by strangers.
More statistics:

*   44% of the family members and acquaintances who kill aboriginal women were drunk
*   74% of the murderers of aboriginal women are unemployed.

*   71% of the murderers of aboriginal women already had a criminal record.
*   53% had been convicted before of a violent crime;
*   62% had a history of violence with the specific murder victim herself..
To be clear, there are some Chiefs and aboriginal communities in this country
that are doing well, for various reasons, but much of it has to do with their leadership.
Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band is an excellent example of quality
leadership, but no one (especially the media & government) ever talk about him and
his people.
Here are the REAL issues:
1.      Welfare.  The billions of tax payer dollars that go to support aboriginal people,
not only in living expenses but free education, free medical, no taxation, etc. has
crippled them (as it has crippled many non-aboriginal Canadians for generations)..
I would venture to say many of them have not worked a day in their lives.
2.      Corrupt leadership who have no idea how to lead, manage, inspire or teach
their people …. who take for themselves and their families and friends and are not
accountable to anyone (as evidenced most strongly by Chief Theresa Spence in
Attawapiskat.) and blame, blame, blame the Canadian Government.
3.      Alcohol and drug abuse, gang violence …. all contributing factors in the crime
rate on reserves, lack of parenting, family violence and poverty.
4.      A two-tiered justice system that gives aboriginal offenders lighter sentences,
or no sentences at all, allowing them back into their communities to continue to
abuse the same aboriginal women again and again …. often resulting in death
(as evidenced by the 83% who were murdered by their husbands, a family member
or an acquaintance).  If you want a National enquiry …. it should be on this issue..
When you say “It is inconceivable that we, as a country, allowed this situation to
continue” …. and “We urgently need to acknowledge the systemic aspect of this
crisis instead of ignoring or dismissing it.” What are your intended solutions?
A National enquiry is not going to fix these problems!
Giving the aboriginals more of hard earned Canadian taxpayer dollars is NOT
Let’s get this straight.
This land does not belong to them and they never were a ‘Nation’.
These people’s ancestors did not just appear in North America, magically
out of thin air one day 40 or 50,000 years ago. They came in waves across the
land/ice bridge from Asia. What’s more, these waves, in many cases, were
not related groups of people. They came from various places around North
Eastern Asia and were from different genetic strains. In other words, the
“natives of North America ” are not a homogenous group of people and more
importantly…they are immigrants too. Like millions of immigrants today.
The idea that the “natives” were peaceful caretakers of the land or benevolent
tenants couldn’t be further from the truth. The various tribes right across Canada
warred on each other constantly. They were violent. Want proof? Ask the Hurons …
oh, that’s right you can’t. The Iroquois’ wiped them out.
How about slavery that was rife among all the first nation tribes until the Europeans
came and freed the slaves and put an end to this “valued cultural tradition”.
Is slavery peaceful and humane?
The idea that we “stole” this land from them is also ridiculous. A more
technologically advanced and numerous culture invaded and conquered.
This is exactly what has been happening since the dawn of humanity all
around the globe. To say we “stole” their lands is just plain wrong. That is
akin to saying the Saxons should return England to the Angles. Or maybe
we should launch a campaign to have the Roman descendants give Italy
back to the Etruscans. It is a nonsensical notion driven by the politically
correct bleeding hearts, some intellectually deficient politicians and pressure
on the Government from lobbying groups.  Also by the Indian people.  It will
continue to cost this country needless and wasted trillions until we get some
backbone and turn off the taps.
Are these people in trouble? Yes.
Do they need help? Yes.
Are they responsible enough to look after themselves and efficiently spend the
billions that tax payers give them?  CERTAINLY NOT
The only way to fix this situation is to bring them into society as equals. Getting
jobs and paying taxes like the rest of us because in reality, they are no more
special than any of the other numerous cultures that now call Canada home.