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My name is Harold and I go by Hal when on Amateur Radio.  I was born and grew up in Charlottetown, P.E.I.  I went to St. John Vocation School studying electronics, following which I was employed with CNCP Telecommunications for 35 years.  I took a lead handshake as they were getting rid of the trouble makers and I was at the top of the list.  Seriously rather than lay off the junior employees they offered an incentive to the older employees and I took it and ran, never looking back.  I have been retired for 26 years.  I met my wife Betty, VE1LVW while in Moncton and we were married in 1962.  We have three children and five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  I spent the late 50s operating with a DX-40 and a SX-99 receiver with a Windom antenna.  My life long friend Fred, VY2FB spent a lot of time on ten meters which was wide open in those days.  Fred and I used 28.400 Mhz. like 2 meters is used today and we always had stations requesting to contact us.  My present Amateur Radio  equipment is a YAESU FTM-100D for Digital and VHF, a Kenwood TM-281 with a WX3IN1 Plus 2.0 as an I-gate on 146.390 Mhz., a Kenwood TS-590 for HF and a FTM-400DR mobile in the car.  I bounced around various locations like, Moncton, Sydney and New Glasgow before obtaining a permanent location in Truro.  We bought a house in May, 1967 which was built over the winter months and have lived there ever since.  I suffered with depression and finally Dr. Kenneth Rockwood in Halifax got me back on my feet.  I had two brain scans and they did not find a darn thing!  Of course I am  involved with computing but I am the first to say I am computer illiterate, but with the help of very knowledgeable friends I am able to keep my head above water.


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  1. Willis Bates

    Great website Hal, don’t have time to see it all now so I’ve bookmarked it. I’ve only read the opening page about the military reunion having spent 17 years with the RCAF. Have been in electronics since 1958 bot got my Amateur certificate 1n 2014 after my daughter and son in law gave me a Kenwood TS680S
    I’ve been here in Pictou County since 1976 where I’ll end my days. I came across your web site while searching information on tomorrows NSARA contest
    73 for now
    Willis VA1WAB

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