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My name is Harold and I go by Hal when on Amateur Radio.  I was born and grew up in Charlottetown, P.E.I.  I went to St. John Vocation School studying electronics, following which I was employed with CNCP Telecommunications for 35 years.  I took a lead handshake as they were getting rid of the trouble makers and I was at the top of the list.  Seriously rather than lay off the junior employees they offered an incentive to the older employees and I took it and ran, never looking back.  I have been retired for 26 years.  I met my wife Betty, VE1LVW while in Moncton and we were married in 1962.  We have three children and five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  I spent the late 50s operating with a DX-40 and a SX-99 receiver with a Windom antenna.  My life long friend Fred, VY2FB spent a lot of time on ten meters which was wide open in those days.  Fred and I used 28.400 Mhz. like 2 meters is used today and we always had stations requesting to contact us.  My present Amateur Radio  equipment is a YAESU FTM-100D for Digital and VHF, a Kenwood TM-281 with a WX3IN1 Plus 2.0 as an I-gate on 146.390 Mhz., a Kenwood TS-590 for HF and a FTM-400DR mobile in the car.  I bounced around various locations like, Moncton, Sydney and New Glasgow before obtaining a permanent location in Truro.  We bought a house in May, 1967 which was built over the winter months and have lived there ever since.  I suffered with depression and finally Dr. Kenneth Rockwood in Halifax got me back on my feet.  I had two brain scans and they did not find a darn thing!  Of course I am  involved with computing but I am the first to say I am computer illiterate, but with the help of very knowledgeable friends I am able to keep my head above water.


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